Siemens Electronic Agreement System

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“order”: a purchase order (order order), a work statement (SOW), a software designation licensing agreement (LSDA) or a similar order document that contains i) the terms of the agreement and defines the products and services ordered by the customer, as well as all related costs, and (ii) was agreed by manual or electronic signatures of both parties or by an electronic system defined by SISW. In the electronic system, the customer is invited to accept it by clicking a button. The federal government intends to promote the digitization of health care in the current Parliament. According to the coalition agreement, from 2021, anyone with legal health insurance will have to have a digital medical record containing important documents such as medical letters, medication plans, emergency data and proof of vaccination2. But so far, there is no such platform based on international standards that interconnect the various players in the health system. The new “teamplay digital health platform connect” platform aims to make a decisive contribution to the government`s initiative in digitization in this area. Federal customers can also use our business skills to improve the management of computing centre infrastructure, optimize energy efficiency measures, and improve overall awareness and management of the energy situation. These capabilities can also be applied effectively to complex facility or facility environments to reduce energy consumption while ensuring awareness and management of the energy situation, so that the federal government can reduce its energy consumption and costs. These additional AED (“EDA” software conditions change the end-user license agreement (“EULA”) between the customer and SISW only for electronic design automation software, including and without limitation of all products called “EDA software” in the order. These EDA terms, along with the BAM and other applicable additional conditions, constitute the agreement between the parties (“the agreement”).

8.3 Data protection. If SISW handles personal data on behalf of the customer in relation to products or services, the terms set out at are included as a reference and apply to the use of these products and services. The client will exempt SISW, its related companies and its representatives from any claim, damages, fines and fees (including legal fees and fees) in any way in connection with the client`s non-compliance with applicable data protection legislation.