How Did Cuthbert Grant`s Peace Agreement Work

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Others worked as booksellers or buffalo hunters who supplied Pemmican for the fur trade. Hostilities between the North West and Hudson`s Bay companies quickly ended when the two merged the following year in 1821. The merger was the result of falling profits on both sides and pressure from the British government to settle its differences. In fact, with the merger, many of the fighters of the Pemmican War worked side by side and seemed to forget their past aggressions. On October 15, 1815, Duncan Cameron, Nor`Wester, in charge of Fort Gibraltar, ascended to the plains. In an interview with Colin Robertson, Cameron informed him that most of the weapons stolen from the Red River Colony were stored in his fort, although the stolen artillery was distributed throughout the district. Robertson sent 12 men under the command of Alexander McLean to seize Fort Gibraltar and recover the colony`s weapons. Robertson returned Fort Gibraltar to Cameron after signing an agreement that ended all hostilities against the colony and promised to restore the stolen artillery. Fort Gibraltar was only half a kilometer from the Red River Colony and was the starting point for the attack on the colony. Robertson then tried to take Fort Qu`Appel from the NWC, but found it heavily guarded and withdrew to Fort Douglas. Grant`s persuasiveness and promise of reward seem to have won over a considerable number of Métis for the NWC cause, and between 1814 and 1816 Grant, in his new role as military leader of an irregular Métis cavalry, had many opportunities to show his ardor. He came with Cameron on the 30th At such a meeting at Fort Douglas (Winnipeg) on June 10, one of the men was killed by Governor Macdonell. On June 17, the governor surrendered to the Nor`Westers who sent him to custody in Canada.

But the attacks on the colony did not end, the settlers continued to flee, and on 25 June Peter Fidler*, who was in charge of the colony after Macdonell`s departure, capitulated under an agreement in which Grant`s signature appears to be one of the “métis leaders.” Fidler agreed to the total evacuation of the colony. No one signed the agreement on behalf of the NWC. The Métis – and Grant – were brought to be responsible for actions intended to serve the interests of the company. On June 22, Governor Macdonell left a prisoner for Fort William. Later that day, the Métis resumed fire on the settlers. James Sutherland of HBC and an M. White met with the Métis at Frog Plain to negotiate a new peace settlement.