General Practice Registrar Employment Agreement

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Since the salaries of the family doctor are largely funded by a fee for service model, it is important for sustainability that there are a sufficient number of patients to cover these salaries and related costs. Obviously, there is an appetite for change, and ultimately, caregivers and supervisors need to have the solutions whose solutions may take some time. The issue of compensation reform and billing will be a central issue, as will the continuity of rights and access to leave schemes. Additional resources will be needed to support reforms in this area, as the burden on the implementation of all contractual agreements should not fall on the general practice of employing registrars. Payment of terms beyond those described in the agreement is a business decision, but is not recommended. Training practices may not employ registrars under the conditions set out in the agreement. This could include extending to all general practitioners the six-year individual contracts offered for rural GPs. MCCC recommends that accredited apprenticeship practices use the National General Conditions of Employment for Registrants (NTCER) to develop contracts with registrars who provide general practitioner training. An NTCER-compliant presentation contract is available here. Getting an employment contract before your registrar starts working in your office is an incredibly important piece of the puzzle. This is what you and your registrar will return to if anything is ever questioned about their terms and conditions of employment. The WADA National Conference is invited to consider how to improve the terms and conditions of employment and working arrangements of general practitioners in order to achieve fair and equitable conditions of employment that meet the needs of both registrants and supervisors. MCCC`s registrar placement process is based on an open market system that invites accredited training practices twice a year to tender for training places and registrars can then apply for these vacancies.

Fill out the form below to obtain NTCER resources, including the presentation of the employment contract. MCCC recommends that family physician supervisors and training organizations address the employment of a family physician registrar as well as any potential practitioner, to the extent possible, by conducting a personal interview and asking GP registrars to provide the following information: The National Rural Generalist Pathway (NRGP) has recommended a “duration of training” contract, which, for the most part, constitutes a single employer model for the duration of the training of rural generalists in their R l`ion or the community. While this stimulates the training provided by the NRGP, it creates new inequalities in the conditions of employment of general practice registrars who are not registered with the NRGP. The current employment contract based on the NTCER for the current training year is available for download. Gp registrars have a lack of equal pay compared to their non-GP counterparts and are disadvantaged by the inability to transfer leave and other rights as they move forward through training. . . .