Endeavour Energy Enterprise Agreement 2017

By september 18, 2021Geen categorie

Yesterday, the ETU and other unions held a joint meeting of delegates at Liverpool`s Club Catholic, Hoxton Park, to prepare for the new round of EBA negotiations that will start next Thursday, 14 September 2017. A joint sector-wide campaign will strengthen the position of members in each company: Ausgrid, Endeavor Energy, Essential Energy, Transgrid and Evoenergy. Our campaign is led by a steering committee composed of high-level WEU delegates from each company and working with ETU officials. The most important thing is to work together to demand job security across the sector. 5,000 jobs have been cut in five years and more redundancies are planned in some companies. WEU has warned that these cuts go far too far. Unfortunately, recent power outages, bushfires and extreme weather events have proven our point. That`s enough! Will you vote in our campaign against forced dismissals? Please take 2 minutes to fill out this important EBA survey with your comments: I must clarify that this is not about the skills and competencies of line workers, this communication is intended to ensure that members are not placed in a position where they are violating legal requirements simply because Endeavour has given them the order to take the job. Our main concern is that in the event of an incident as a result of this work, members may be held accountable in court for violations of legal requirements. .